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Doctor Lorentz (the well-known Nobel winner), studying behavior of people and animals from the point of view of the evolutionary theory, has faced a following fact: the aggression directed on similar, is necessary. What for? Very simply. If representatives of one kind would live in the world in this case they had not to quarrel and search for new habitats. As intraspecific aggression exists, there are conflicts which force us as, however, and any other animals, to be settled on the earth-mother. The last increases chances of a kind to remain in uneasy, frankly speaking, vital circumstances.

Well, well, the aggression directed on relatives — from the point of view of evolution — the phenomenon positive. But what is it good within the limits of separately taken apartment, an Kiev escorts office and a school school desk? Anything! Since the earliest childhood the aggressive impulses learn to suppress us, to cope with irritation and sensitivity. The purposes of tutors are clear, but with an aggressive instinct there’s nothing to be done, it is. If not to allow to it to come to light, it will go inside, and here and the neurosis not far off and is a high time to go to the psychotherapist.

However, Lorentz, unlike Freud, is recognized not for fun "run" against each other, but during the most responsible, culmination moment one of them suddenly "merges" all aggression on "Kiev escorts third party".

This phenomenon has received the name of "aggression reorientation". However it can be used both in harm, and in the blessing. All of you well know that it is possible to become angry on the spouse, and then to give a clip to the child is a reorientation of aggression. There were charged, here have shot. Not the most successful variant… But in the nature all has the sense. When the animal "merges" the aggression on "third party", it  protects "the Kiev escorts lady the first". Whether It is necessary to protect the spouse from actions of the offspring (if, of course, the sonny did not become still the criminal -The recidivist)? Hardly.

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