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Top rated Kiev escort agency modelsThe desire is one, and obligations is another: "Is the Kiev escort Kristina like and to throw it I do not gather. And a petty intrigue on the party?. Well, simply petty intrigue, anything especial!" Certainly, similar reasoning's will seem to the girl "delirium of a dog-conformist", and "through a false dog-conformist" because all at them — at Kiev escort ladies — here looks in another way.

For the Kiev girl the union with the man is at all "the civil certificate" and not "social responsibility". If to reject all mercantile costs which sometimes prevail in destiny of the woman, and also pressure of tradition which sometimes strongly deforms an original line of Kiev escorts female destiny it is possible to confirm with confidence literally the following: the girl dares at the union with the man only in the event that it is perceived by it as the man. But what such such man in consciousness of the woman? "Real man" for the girl it is not simple the one who can be trusted, and the one who can trust.

To Ukraine escort ladies this specification, no doubt, very well is clear. And here to men I would suggest to reflect over it. We will make psychological experiment… Let my man-reader will imagine the one to whom he could trust not simply, and trust. From such offer any man at first will feel some shock, and then for a long time will run into a condition of the expressed internal pressure burdened by mania of prosecution. For the man in general it is not clear, how it is possible to trust, it at all from its reference! He can "trust," really, "count", but not trust in any way. Women are capable of all. Men — on all the rest.

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Now let my woman-reader will imagine the man to whom woman trusts, and here cannot trust. Whether arises at you, dear ladies, universal desire to cast in the lot with it? No. Such man can become you the good friend (at least, for such role it seems to you quite approaching), and here to be erected to a pedestal "unique-beloved-favorites" it to apply cannot in any way.

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