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Pretty Ukraine escorts agency ladiesIn what this work consists? About it we learn, consistently having revealed a secret of evolution, secret of an orgasm, secret of sexuality, secret of an instinct and secret of a being in summary we will receive a solution required us secrets of a floor.


(Or why "the Kiev escort girl Angelika is always right")

Before us a riddle: what for evolutions two floors? Why it has not stopped on true, apparently, a way of reproduction of a kind by means of the banal Divisions? And if sexual reproduction has appeared more favorable why it was limited only to two sex? All these questions have completely not idle character as, having answered them, we will see that claims of men for exclusiveness have under themselves the equal account no any bases, anyway, however the man was exclusive, all the same it will appear that the Ukraine escorts girl of the right. As this thesis always moves with a certain dirty trick as an ambiguity, and I just in it do not notice any dirty trick and I insist on a direct sense of this statement the statement of the maintenance of this chapter should be begun, to put it mildly, from apart.

All has begun with "the big explosion"…

God knows when as a result "the big explosion" there was our Universe, and behind it — and this Galaxy. Five billion years ago the star named  us the Sun, and still 400 million years — and our planet was generated  later. What uncountable number of surprising, difficult and mysterious processes has occurred in this time! But, despite all reality of these transformations, before occurrence of the first live beings there was still a whole eternity. The matter of the lifeless nature got that one other form, but inherently changed nothing. Evolution was similar at this time to shuffling of cards in already existing pack: from change of places composed neither the sum, nor quality do not change — all same quantity all the same cards. It is possible to tell that before us the original form of the immortality peculiar to a lifeless matter: not to die, it is necessary not to live simply.

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