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Young escort in Ukraine ladiesSuch is secret of evolution in which the man at all does not play the leading part, the woman, proving that so  depending on conditions, creates that game which we call evolution.

Fearless sight in a mirror

One of researchers of a problem of a floor has offered remarkable analogy for comparison of essence of floors. It has assimilated the escort in Ukraine ladies to a peach at which the surface is soft and pliable, and the stone monolith is inside latent. It has compared the man to a nut, at which outside — a firm shell, and inside — pulp. I do not know, whether this man of science has understood all shrill depth of the comparison, but it really found! Take for the sake of interest a nut and a peach, and now press them against each other: the peach pulp will cave in under the influence of a rigid cover of a nut — these are relations of floors, at least, from the evolutionary  point of view. The Ukraine escort girl is much more adaptive, it is capable to change, be arranged under external circumstances, to get used, suffer, be reconciled. The man, on the contrary, is not so adapted at all for adaptation. It is plastic and pliable its gene — this pulp of a nut, but not he acting here in a role of a shell. Having faced problems, it according to the lights (moderately fortresses of the shell) resists to them, however at some instant a critical point appears passed, it bursts — of adaptation.

In spite of the fact that man’s and Ukraine escort female  types are rather similar among themselves concerning mental faculties, there is one important distinction concerning a deviation from the general norm. The most highly costing man in any ability is more presented, than the Ukraine woman, and low man’s type costs below all Ukraine escort female. And though among men meets more than outstanding minds, but also it is twice more and idiots.

Edward Trondajk

But we will return to our experiment with fruit. Now take away the pressed nut from a peach, what you see? You see that the configuration of a surface of a peach has changed, it has got out of the former shape, now it reflects that influenced it.

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