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Brunette escort in Ukraine modelsMajority of escort in Ukraine ladies surrenders not because their passion that is why that their weakness is great is strong. That is why such success enterprising men, though they at all the most attractive usually make.

Francois La Rochefoucauld

Recover after a love fever often turns around still illness as during this "infection" people have time to do set of the figurative nonsense most differently. The enamored man is enamored not of the escort in Kiev woman, and in the pleasure connected with this woman. The enamored Kiev escort girl loves not the man, and the sensations — that as well as that Kiev woman feels in relations with it. When passionate inflow of love passes, both of them should on get acquainted with each other the presents. Also it is necessary to be truly the mature escort in Ukraine lady not to arrange in this case scandals under the formula got, unfortunately: "I am in disappointment! You not such (such), to what (what) I to myself represented you (!"

"The love formula" from Freud up to now: "Even the madness happens a miscellaneous!"

Ancient Greeks, the world to their ashes, allocated some types of love: love-passion, love-friendship, love-care and etc. However it is not clear, what for this prefix? Why it is impossible to tell simply: passion, friendship, care? Also what then "simply love"? The answer to this question, strangely enough, lies on a surface. The love arises between two Ukraine people; even if it not divided, is love to someone. This "someone" also does love.

Great Russian scientist I. M.Setchenov analyzed man’s love and has come to a conclusion that the man loves the pleasure of Kiev woman. Then, at the very beginning of the left century, O.Vejninger postulated: the man projects the best qualities on the escort in Ukraine girl and loves own advantages in the woman. At last, Z.Freud has deduced the formula: the man loves the mother in the woman, and the Kiev girl loves in the man of the father. Finally, the extremely confused situation has turned out…

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