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Pretty Ukraine escort agency girlsSAll focus, thus, consists in the following: the man tries to be more courageous, the actually more womanly it appears: using Ukraine escort female strategy and, first of all, showing readiness to change itself, it receives chance to become the real man.

And there was a boy?

The scientists preaching the theory about mentioned division of functions of a floor, as though apologizing, make a reservation: "Kiev ladies are expensive, you understand: we are men — we incur the big responsibility, at us such work, and interfaced to risk. What from that, well there were no you originality? We here, for example, suffer from the originality, it to us sideways leaves! Yes, we before you change under environment actions, yes, we in avant-garde, but after all these changes no means always happen successful. Many of us perish, we endow ourselves! If change has appeared unsuccessful we perish. We put ourselves on an altar of natural selection! Let you do not happen outstanding but as easy to you is! Rejoice, ours expensive you!"

All it both is correct, and it is wrong. Correctly in that part that men genetically really more Ukraine women. Correctly and that these changes no means always happen, to put it mildly, successful.

Here what data is in this respect. On 125 germs of a male it is necessary only 100 Kiev females, but by the time of a birth this difference essentially decreases, at the expense of  destruction of man’s germs in the period on light there are 103 (110) boys on 100 escort in Ukraine girls; to school age the quantity of boys and Kiev escort girls is compared, and further the quantity of Kiev ladies in population starts to prevail. By 65 years of men there are less than Ukraine escort ladies already on 20 / about, and in 85 years this difference exceeds 45 %. And this law is peculiar not only to the person, but also the majority of mammals: Kiev female individuals are more viable the man’s. The service of strategy of variability of the man pay life, they from breed of those who risks, but champagne gets not all.

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