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Lovely Ukraine escort modelsWomen, from its part, are assured that men do not understand them, however assert that the man’s psychology is known for it and is described by the formula "two  three". At the same time everyone coming to me as to the psychotherapist the Kiev escort models tries to find out something about the man, and also to be trained in ways of influence on this "a black box". The good understanding, nothing to tell…

However, I am far from pessimism and I adhere to several positions. First, what there the feminists who have invented any strange name for floors — "gender" spoke, — men and nice Ukraine ladies differ from each other and not to notice these distinctions difficultly. Secondly, if we do not understand, what exactly we differ, we will be never happy, as we cannot simply get on, as that fox with that crane. Thirdly, men and Ukraine escort ladies cannot be compared, otherwise all will end banal  we should aspire not to comparison (who better "and who is worse"), and to comparison, where the main thing — understanding of a role, possibilities and advantages of each of floors. Fourthly, studying secret of a floor, it is impossible to use blindly statistics of psychological researches which offer us the full list of the most refined errors and prejudices in the field of a floor more often. Fifthly, it is necessary to remember that the floor is that any gene (especially whole chromosome is determined by genes, and!) does not operate in a being to which it belongs, separately, its participation, anyhow, it is found out in any line, in any sign of it of a being.

In this book we will consistently consider key questions of biology and psychology of each floor, and we will do it not abstractly, and with reference to concrete reality situations. It seems to me, it will be useful for everyone who wants that his Ukraine escort life has ceased to dazzle burdening it with "collisions of relations of floors". Opposition which, it will not hide, eat between floors, makes life a misery of each person. I sincerely believe that between floors it is possible to find things in common and it is necessary; I also am assured that we on the business are created for each other, but, to finish "the higher craft of the Ukraine escort founder" to mind, it is necessary to work properly.

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