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Rates of Ukrainian escorts agency femaleNow we will tell about the real love feel-ing, about love actual — so that with a heat, with great feeling, so that before consciousness and common sense loss, so that if love, — LOVE!

Is better to come to be in hands of the murderer, than in dreams of the passionate woman? Also look at these men: eyes them say that they do not know anything the best on the earth how to lie about the Ukrainian escorts woman. At the bottom of their souls — a dirt if their dirt possesses also spirit. Let you would be, at least, perfect animals! But innocence is peculiar to an animal.

Fridrih Nitsshe.

As we have already found out, man’s sexuality acts in a kind some kind of biological requirement, having corresponding unconditional reinforcements (in the form of a man’s orgasm). The Ukrainian girl if also has any biological requirement it is requirement for a continuation of the family; here its unconditional reinforcement (it as you guess, not a Kiev female orgasm, and "the safe permission from burden" — this is indescribable delight, to men never to understand) also lies. The sexual satisfaction, otherwise, is not biological requirement of the Ukrainian escorts girl (if such requirement and is it it is requirement psychological) that is why also the love — at the man as from an oven, Dances from things biological — an orgasm and sexual excitation, and at the Ukrainian escorts girl — from a psychological condition the loved subject.

Ukrainian escorts woman knows that our brother says lies all about high feelings, — it needs only a body and consequently will forgive all mucks, and ugly, insipid, the bad form of a suit will be not not forgiven.


Here the dog also is buried: it turns out that at the man the love functions on biological mechanisms, and at Ukrainian ladies — on mechanisms psychological. Both those and others, however, here are described by a well-known principle of a dominant which has been opened A.A.Uhtomsky. I already repeatedly told about this mental mechanism in other books that is why here we will stop on it only in brief.

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