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Love end,

I hope that we have understood distinction of love dominants at different floors. Now we go further: if we with epicenter of a love dominant have understood, now we should find out, as it at representatives of different floors comes to an end. A.A.Ukhtomsky was expressed in this respect rather definitely: the dominant has an internal and external end (by the way, I. P.Pavlov spoke in this case the same, only named this phenomenon external and internal "braking" of excitation). The internal end of a dominant is "closing" of a dominant which occurs simply because the proponent requirement was satisfied. For example, you have got hungry and want to eat is a food dominant. How to finish this dominant? It is necessary to eat. Have eaten — everything, there is no at you more (for the time being) a food dominant, there has come to it "the internal end".

External end of a dominant is when the proponent requirement is forced out by other, much stronger requirement. For example, you have got hungry and want to eat, and here lo and behold — the fire has begun in your house, or your car at you from under a nose have stolen, or your chief has come to you and has told: "Everything, you are dismissed! Collect and be put out from here in three seconds". How itself our food dominant in this case will move? Certainly, is to us it will not want. We either will seek safety in flight, or we begin to twist nervously phone disk to inform in militia on loss, or we will run into affect and we will beat the chief. To put it briefly, new, stronger requirement will force out a food dominant dominating till now in our head, and the desire is as a hand will remove. There Will be that is called as "the external end of a dominant".

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