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Beautiful Ukrainian escort ladiesTo love — means to test pleasure when you see, you perceive, you feel as all sense organs and in as more as possible short distance the being which you love also which loves you.

It appears that anybody really does not love anybody, and love own imaginations all only. To everyone who though time had a feeling of love, it well-known, how our imagination diligently draws an image of darling: its lacks are ignored by us, its advantages, on the contrary, are erected to a pedestal and idolized. At sufficient diligence the present Hollywood Ukrainian escort character turns out — ljubo was expensively to look! The main thing that is called not to get accustomed, and that the mirage will dissipate — and greetings…

Absolutely young men, mature and elderly, as a rule, concern love rather skeptically, truth, for various reasons. The others are on low start: time to love! Very much it would be desirable… The First should fall in love, and once and for all, the second — to sing the swan song. Popular wisdom says: though hundred times tell a word "halvah", in a mouth becomes more sweet not. The lie, becomes! If very much it would be desirable to fall in love, it happens without fail. Till any time all of us choose yes we look back, but there comes a treasured instant — and the love "will unintentionally appear suddenly": every man for himself! Paints and brushes are ready, pencils are ground: "we Begin a drawing Ukrainian escort lesson!"

And truth it is necessary to prepare for love, but not how we usually do it. Ours the ideal images which have been put on those Ukrainian escort people which as it seems to us, we love, are cut out not on the size. They are sewed from our own imaginations and dreams, they such with what we would like them to see, they not the presents. The image is fine, but at the drawn centre not to be warmed, the colorful model of fruit is inedible, artificial flowers do not smell.

Someone has surprisingly precisely compared love with — one pulls for an edge, another for a handle, one it rests against a breast, to another is stuck into heart.

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