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Perfect Ukraine escorts agency modelMy God, as these reasoning of the Ukraine escorts agency girl are far from the valid intentions of the man! If the Ukraine escorts girl has changed to the man, — sentry. First of all it has a panic: "At me a member small!" (Even if it and something another will think, that, can be assured, sooner or later all will anyhow be reduced to torments concerning length of this economy). And after all to it even in a head will not come to think, whether instead of in that has put that at it brains small or, on the contrary, too big.

I do not know that I can tell about it still, but that total absence of any understanding of men ladies and Ukraine escort ladies men here reigns, it seems to me quite obvious. In other cases when speech does not go about such "crime" as change, probably, this total absence of mutual understanding between floors, these absolutely groundless and not constructive attempts to attribute to behavior of the representative of an opposite Ukraine escorts sex motives own, and are not so appreciable. Well, remains  and you will notice them…

Darling my, good, guess!

Remember a fairy tale about a crane and a fox, after all it not a fairy tale, is about relations of the man and woman. The crane has met a fox and rather by this circumstance has been pleased, so, what even has invited a fox to itself to have a dinner. The fox, certainly, has agreed; and how differently? — Good manner assumes readiness for the consent. The fox has come to the hour agreed to a crane for a dinner, and that prepared for it and, it is necessary to recognize, has tried wonder-fully well: has made kind okroshka and has poured it in the best ware — in jugs. The fox has tried to try the food offered it, but her head in a jug did not climb through. The crane has got used to eat from a jug as to it was very convenient with its long beak. That a fox, to put it mildly, a being of other sort, he has not understood, attention to it has not given and has put its thereby in awful an uncomfortable position.

Women too do not trust men in general and too trust them in particular.

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