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High class Ukraine escort service femaleThen — change of places, and all begins once again. And it turns out, if you love not the person, but its idealized image. Any discrepancy favorites to "the set parameters" leads to sufferings, and these sufferings are mutual. The love can be not divided, but both suffer from it always.

Man always wants to be the first love of the woman, and it would like to become last love of the man.

Oscar Uajld

Two persons converge, it seems to them that they love, and after years they begin to accuse each other: "You always thought/thought only of yourself!" In love everyone solves own problems: one would like tenderness and attention, to another — care and understanding, to the third — securities and stability. Anyhow, but all it leads to mutual requirements, claims and insults, and, finally — disappointment  begin. It is very strange game where everyone  hammers into own gate.

When to me on psychotherapy the pair comes, I sometimes have an impression that they each other at all do not know, and sometimes and do not want to know. "It should be such…" "It should be such…" Conversation blind with deaf-and-dumb, is more exact — a monologue blind, deaf and mute with itself. Then that classics were right — there is no it, there is no love. Instead of loving, we frequently cherish own suffering in love.

Love is, of course, Ukraine escort work. However to work in love is does not mean to suffer the beloved/beloved and to break itself. To work in love is means to think of other lady, about the one whom you love. But not to be mistaken with an adoration subject, it is necessary to know and use some rules.

First, it is necessary to remember that each Ukraine escort lady by the nature the egoist and anybody does not make an exception of us. Everything that we do, we do for ourselves (though and not always it we realize). When we do something that to our darling it was good, we do it for ourselves, and therefore from it is due nothing. Possibility something to give to darling is not a gift and not a victim, and service which it renders us.

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