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Young Ukraine escorts ladyIf the Ukraine escorts Kristina lady really owing to psychological problems does not consider possible to continue the life further, it means only one — psychological problems endured by it are subjectively heavier, than for the majority of other people.

As show the facts, at men — these "the insensible blockheads incapable of empathy", — psychological problems it appears more, rather than at Ukraine escorts women. And presence of psychological problems on the business speaks about complexity, a subtlety of the mental organization of their carrier, and then more difficult, it is more thin is organized, especially sensitive to feelings and experiences of other people. However, our men did not learn to display of these feelings, did not learn demonstration of the compassion that is why to the inattentive observer can seem that they "dry, stale, insensible".

Another matter that suicide is not an exit, and abuse it neither to men, nor beautiful ladies does not do. I hope that it is clear. Suicide, by the way, is at all a sign of weakness of character and, of course, not the certificate of strength of mind, and result of a depression whereas the last is mental frustration and consequently to characteristics of character no any relation has. But the fact remains: we too underestimate man’s sensitivity and too we overestimate sensitivity of Ukraine escorts women. As a result suffer both those and others — one are incapable the feelings to express, as "it is not accepted", and others so play (as "so it is accepted") that suffer already from the game.

And please, do not interpret me wrongly, in all it there is fault either no concrete men, or concrete women, and there is a problem of culture which we should solve, attentively getting accustomed to the facts and doing of them representing the facts conclusions. While we start with own representations about the validity which as it appears, in parts to impropriety are erroneous. To accuse always it is easier, as it does not demand from Us to understand position of other nice Kiev lady that as we see now, completely not simply.

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