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Fuck escort in Ukraine service girlNow stability is function female, and variability — quality man’s.

Now we will consider become already classical illustration of this law of natural selection. We will imagine the following situation. If in the herd numbering 100 goals, 99 cows and only one bull the quantity of an issue will be about hundred, i.e. maximum that increases stability of a kind. This fact should please strongly the enterprising farmer, but hardly it will cause similar emotions in the selector, especially such as Its Majesty the Nature as each newborn calf will have identical signs on the father and the kind will not undergo considerable changes.

Moreover, in a similar situation this male can appear the frank weakling (it after all at all has not taken place an elementary stage of competitive struggle for a female Natasha. What future of its posterity? In the nature such alignment of forces threatens a kind with extinction. If the herd in 100 goals consists fifty-fifty of males and escort in Ukraine females the part of males in competitive struggle will prove from the best party and will cover several escort in Ukraine females whereas weak man’s individuals will not leave posterity. Natural selection guarantees improvements of quality of posterity, but the issue will be twice less, rather than in the first case, — not 100, but 50. Stability of a kind at the expense of a livestock gain will suffer, but this lack will be compensated by natural selection and variability.

Thus, in the natural nature stability, i.e. quantity of posterity, provide females, and variability and quality of this posterity — males. However, categories of quantity and quality more than are unreliable, after all the males anxious by aspiration to keep the genes for the future, try to impregnate as it is possible number of escort in Ukraine females: so, many racers can brag 300 and even of 400 official descendants whereas the posterity of one mare never will exceed also two teens. Here we see that it is males females — to quality aspire to quantity, and.

Here also there is a paradox to which the majority of scientists does not give any value.

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