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High class Ukraine escort service girlsAnd still it married, formally. Actually, because of it is formal "it and it has appeared on crisis branch in Clinic of neurosis's of I. P.Pavlova. Their joint "experience" with the husband — 18 years which have been lived" as at all ". That is covered under it" as at all ", me, to admit, difficultly to understand; probably, it is a question about well-known —" not a fountain, but it is tolerant ".

And so, not later than two months ago the husband of this wonderful and charming Kiev girl with "firm character" (there are such Ukraine escort ladies — with "firm character") has declared to it what to live it with it cannot any more that forces at it are not present more and that he has decided to leave from it. Also has left, though is faster symbolically. Began to live on two houses — on their family and on the second, at other saleswoman in the same department store. On the Ukraine escort girl of this, according to my patient, "brands could not be put", and "that it has found in it — not clearly". The State of affairs has become complicated humiliation of a situation and an infinite gossip among employees of the mentioned shopping centre.

However, at all it has resulted my patient on a hospital cot. The blow which has deprived its any forces, has been put there-from, whence Ukraine escort woman at all did not wait for it (so, however, always and happens). In what this blow consisted? In how her husband gave reason for the leaving. "You will not believe, — the patient told to me, — he remembered about any trifles, and old! That I to it once that and that have told that I to it have not made fifteen years ago that, about what he asked that I not so reacted, when he has bought the car… Understand, it all time In itself it held! I of it also do not remember all, it seems to me that it and was not at all. And he so tells, as though it has occurred yesterday! Harm speaks, caustically.

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