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Hot escort in Ukraine agency femaleThey, so to say, are felt differently. Dear men, you know, what escort in Ukraine female orgasm? Dear women, you guess, what the man at the moment of an orgasm tests? Vaguely?. Well, we will clear up. Certainly, to understand an orgasm, he needs to be felt. Here as on a roller coaster: while itself you will not sweep — you will not understand. Therefore any explanations here, by and large, are senseless, but between a man’s and escort in Ukraine female orgasm it is possible to show a difference all the same. Here present…

Man’s orgasm. The man makes frictional movements, works, puffs, sweats… All it very much reminds a sweating room so we will use this metaphor. Here he sits in a stuffy sweating room on the top shelf, to it hot to faintness, but it suffers. Suffers and thinks: "It is time or it is not time? It is time or is not time? No, it is not time yet… Still slightly…" But here it does not maintain heat of the heated furnace and a bullet takes off from a sweating room on street. The pair of treasured jumps — and from all to a move it jumps in an ice-hole, testing thus tremendous ecstasy. In this transition from one environment in another, from hot air in cold water, also the essence of a man’s orgasm consists. Thrills. As a razor edge! The man’s orgasm is an one-stage discharge of a high voltage. Pressure if so it is possible to be expressed, earned by own heavy and laborious work. After that, accordingly, — the deserved rest, slackness and satisfaction. So the escort in Ukraine lady who is getting out of an ice-hole looks.

Well and a escort in Ukraine female orgasm?. It at all "contrast of environments", as in case of a man’s orgasm. If the man’s orgasm is the purpose of all previous activity, something, coming by itself, on command of the madam of physiology the escort in Ukraine female orgasm is the quantity passing in quality. It does not change one environment for another, it during all sexual intercourse is shipped in pleasure ocean. Excitation waves run on it one behind one — at first hardly considerably, then more strongly, even more strongly! They beat and push, they turn, lift and throw downwards…

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