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Its Majesty and Its Highness — Orgasms!

To the man never to understand that such pregnancy. And the Kiev escort girl never will understand, why the man does not feel any delight from exciting caresses after  Men and Kiev escort ladies at external similarity (it would seem, the same hands and the same feet) too are differently arranged — and this statement directly concerns their orgasms. Both as man’s, and a Kiev escort female orgasm are called in a word. It forces us to think that they differ nothing from each other, but actually a man’s and beautiful female orgasm are two absolutely different things. We will get accustomed more attentively…

For the man the orgasm is a physiological requirement, just the same, as requirement for food or air. It should the amphibious. In a case of stunning Ukraine female orgasm all at all so. A Kiev escort female orgasm — the talk of the town… "All ladies from the capital know, all mums advise…" How many about it it is told! How many councils and judicious remarks! — all also you will not remember. And only serious scientific editions as though in secret as if having been guilty, almost in a whisper, inform: at nice ladies of the capital the orgasm has not been provided by the nature… The Miracle of human evolution consists not in something, and in occurrence in females of kind Homo Sapiens of it is possible what to name rather conditional an orgasm.

love is sensation business, instead of  and I can love not because I want, and in a smaller measure — that I should love; hence, a debt to love — nonsense…

Ability of amazing females of animals would have catastrophic consequences for process of a survival of a kind. That this statement not seemed unfounded, let’s study demonstrative base.

First, nice Ukraine females of animals can and should enter sexual relations only during the certain period — with that calculation that their posterity could be taken out and grown up. Certainly, to make this procedure in an icy cold and hunger for the majority of animals — death similarly.

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