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Young escort in Ukraine ladyAnd here I sit in this hall or audience and I think: "And about what, actually, there is a speech? What is understand as a word "the man ", under words "the escort in Ukraine lady Sasha courage "and "feminity"?

My reader, possibly, is already ready to rank the author as an assembly of the mad  definitively. With it I will not argue also you to over persuade, but nevertheless give in all it we will understand, it is important. It is obvious that any Kiev lady saying a word "man" or a word "Kiev woman", holds at itself in a head any ideal image or, better to say, representation that this such. Everyone imagines something and it something names a corresponding word. Representation this especially idealistic, telling more roughly, fantasy. It is a question certain "the abstract man" and certain to "the abstract escort in Ukraine woman", i.e. of what in the nature  does not exist.

Here I speak:" The man ". What do I mean? Myself (I like the individual of a male, and documents in this respect are) or, maybe, any other man, or I mean" the man in general "? But what such —" I am a man "or" the man in general "? I am Andrey Kurpatov, and I am a man. But where in me "man" about whom I can tell something, and where in me "Andrey Kurpatov"? Between them there is any border? I after all, besides, that I the man, also the person, both the person, and biological object, and here, for example, the doctor-psychotherapist, and" books "(so me the escort in Ukraine female with tenderness names)… Where in me that? Where in me "man" on whom I with such pathos argue? Au!. There is no answer. All our trouble (and can be, and happiness) that is not present, does not exist such" pure subjects "-" the man "and" the escort in Ukraine girl ", is a fiction, imagination, illusion. But after all as on this fiction argue! Ljubo-was expensively to look! Scientific minds are ready to present the whole classifications of "man’s" and "female" lines, characteristics, features.

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