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Incall Kiev escort ladyNow we suggest otherwise… And here the question rises itself: our present position is how much defensible? The expediency of a Kiev escort female orgasm speaks at all its reproductive function, and achievement by the Kiev escort girl of psychological well-being. Modern researches show that only 20 % of Ukraine escort ladies do not test an orgasm at all. Also it is necessary to recognize, the psychotherapeutic help to such patients, and they need it more often than others, demands considerable efforts

Sexual intercourse never brought good to the person, and it if these intercourses have not brought to it harm is happy.

Psychological etude: "And sex also was not!"

At last, one more scientific fact. For the man all the flattery of sexual relations is concentrated in the orgasm moment. All dizzy (in direct and figurative sense of this word) the activity which is carried out by it for "conquest" of really nice woman, serves this one and only, rather plain purpose — to test a short instant of "peak pleasure", i.e. an orgasm. If at the man in the course of sexual interactions with the orgasm partner was not, all event he sexual contact even does not name, it for it — so, overindulgence. An orgasm — here that for the man the original criterion testifying to the fact of sexual relations (for this reason many men suffer a neurosis under the name: "And whether my Kiev sex partner has tested an orgasm?", — transferring own perception of an orgasm on absolutely distinct from man’s Kiev escorts female nature).

With Ukrainian girl all is differently. As it has already been told, about 20 % of the Ukraine beautiful ladies who had sexual experience and even receiving from it expressed pleasure, never in life tested an orgasm (this phenomenon has received the name"). Many wonderful ladies endure an orgasm only sometimes, and the majority began to test an orgasm, only having received some, frequently rather, sexual experience in Ukraine. As such in general can be, to the man it is not clear.

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