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High class Kiev escorts girlIt gives it the big open space in a choice of ways, but limits in chances on achievement of a certain result.

Man thinks structurally, its each thesis is not a spontaneous intuition, and result of work of the whole system various, but positions rigidly structured rather each other and installations. The Kiev escorts woman, on the contrary, is not burdened by similar restrictions, it is live listens to everything that is said, is live reacts to everything that occurs. It, figuratively being expressed, absorbs life on all surface of the contact with it; whereas the man represents some kind of a gimlet which carries out plural dot contacts to life, and then in details and pedantically systematizes results of these local interactions in complete system.

Man with the logic, with the thinking, with the desire to divide all and then to classify constantly splashes out from a font of the baby. Ukraine girl always holds the end result in a head, Kiev escorts woman never will allow the baby to be splashed out. And consequently the man receives the most precious lessons when listens to the woman, being accented not on "logician" of its reasoning, and that Kiev escorts woman tries to assert, that it proves. If to clean from it "something" all rubbish of "the logic argument", what for demanded by men, and to concentrate on a point of issue, messages, actions, we will receive that should be accepted as the fact.

On the other hand, is here again the validity. They — a way of communications, interaction means, in them are not present any special self-value. In case of the man of a word, on the contrary, a sacred cow; the formula here operates: "the word has taken off — will not catch". The man, unlike Ukraine lady, is engaged in constant reduction of words in conformity with the validity, the validity interests it only so far as-as, the main thing is an order  severity of the statement that there were no ambiguities that there was no uncertainty. A problem here only in one: the man should learn to listen to the woman, and the Kiev escorts girl should learn to listen to the man.

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