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Top rated escort in Ukraine models"What our life?" — exclaims opera Ger-god-sends in "Queen of spades" and gives wrong, to be exact speaking, the incom-plete answer: "Game!" Our life is, of course, game, but as shows experiment and Herman, and any other person, our life is a game of men with top escort in Ukraine model Yulia and with men. You only imagine on one moment that evolution has gone on other way that we, as well as amoebas, breed the division, no floors at us are present, and at top of evolutionary hierarchy reigns absolute sexual, is more exact — sexless — uniformity… Have presented? What from ours with you to life in this case remains? Whether in such society there will be a culture, a science, art? Whether people begin to work in it, and the main thing — that for the sake of they it will do? And than in general they will be engaged, there will be no floors? No, my dear, such society is impossible basically!

"The sexual question" is as it appears, the most important, most essential, most serious question for all our life as a whole. And until it is not solved (and it, I declare it officially, even is not put while properly), our existence is doomed to infinite, senseless and ruthless torments of heart. We will suffer, create illusions, come across infinite obstacles, to be disappointed, again and again to attack the same rake — and all until we will solve a sexual escort in Ukraine question. With what to me as to the psycho-therapist come on consultation? With problems in private life. And what it for problems? It first of all problems of relations  with representatives of an opposite sex. Me ask: "And why he behaves thus?"; "that its this reaction can mean?". Me never ask about "IT", me ask either about "IT", or about "IT". And in it all!

In love the man searches for the unconditional slave, and the escort in Ukraine girl — unconditional slavery. The love comes back to last culture and the past.

Fridrih Nitsshe

But what such these "IT" and "IT"? Psychology attempts to answer on this question while success have not crowned — you at all desire anywhere will not find the book which would comprise distinct and harmonious system of the description of man’s and escort in Ukraine female psychology.

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