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Vip Ukrainian escort agency modelWhen  it reaches "stone", its judiciousness and reasonableness truly can admire.

Man belongs to that floor which the whole millions years was reasonable. And history of the Ukrainian escort girl absolutely other. Ukrainian ladies always were the evident protest against the existence of common sense.

Oscar Uajld

As a whole the Ukrainian woman, unlike the man, is organized by an eclectic principle, it is capable to connect things which to the man seem not connected. She, for example, does not see obstacles uniting together that the Ukrainian lady represents as "worker", "person" and "sexual object". For the man it is the things which in any way with each other have been not connected, lying on different regiments. The Ukrainian escort girl will never appreciate in the escort in Kiev lady of "worker" if its "personal" qualities do not correspond to its standards, on the other hand, the Ukrainian escort can seem to it "the good worker" is simple because it "is charming". It, of course, can that "it is not necessary to disturb labor relations and private life", but actually for it it is things uniform, connected with each other in the closest and intimate image.

logic argument for Kiev girl is anything if in parallel with it the situation causes in it strong feelings. The most frequent Kiev female phrase on psychotherapeutic reception sounds as follows: "I mind understand all, the doctor. Only here do with itself I can of nothing". For the man this thesis — absolute gibberish. If he "understands something mind" — everything, the question is closed, and already with it to do nothing; and to him with it to do nothing — it was defined. At Kiev girl in this or that situation can and not to be "reasonable arguments" but if it has a sensation of this situation consider that It "in a material". Definiteness of logic character is necessary only to the man.

From all it we need to draw conclusions.

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