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High class Ukraine escorts modelAt desire it is possible, of course, our person: to relieve Kiev girl Karina of the inferiority complexes connected by that it; it is possible to release the man from its aspiration to be "the macho" deprived of feelings. But after all it has no relation to a floor, it is a question of public culture, its norms and establishments. The floor from these personal changes will not resolve, and ways to think remain man’s with men of feeling, and Kiev ladies will continue to perceive the world how the Ukraine escorts girl can perceive it only.

At us it is accepted to think that "the Ukraine escorts girl — ("Cease to cry, I will punish you!"; "that you are capricious, as the little girl!"), make impression of "rough, insensible and crude blocks".

Problem in that, playing these roles, we form own representation about ourselves. Playing a role "helpless and defenseless", the Kiev girl herself gradually starts to think that it "helpless and defenseless" though, quite probably, it does not represent the facts at all. Also clean we this role, it appear this Ukraine escorts girl in other circumstances — and before us there will be "virago" who knows that it is necessary for it, what for it is necessary for it and, the main thing as it to achieve. The man forced endlessly to represent from "strong and strong-willed" the Ukraine escorts person, "the knight without fear and reproach", is gradually simply disaccustomed to show own feelings; he all the same tests them, but is not capable to bring into the world behavior corresponding to them, even to give to itself in them the account. The most part of men demands from the wives of advantages whom they do not stand. L.N.Tolstoy

It is possible to tell that the culture in the field of a floor (and, of course, in set of other areas) imposes on us the cliché. The part thus from us is cut, and if under it the cliché is found out "a white stain" it is simply painted over according to habitual Ukrainian women stereotypes.

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