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High class Ukrainian escort agency modelAAnd all this variety of sexual behavior needed any explanation — "why so?"

Now press genetics as for similar explanations we have thought up "science", and during age-old times its role was carried out by mythology. And, by and large, the difference is insignificant — whether the science says that "in all genes are guilty", whether the myth says that it is gods have bungled. Effect one: the phenomenon explanation was necessary for you — reсeive, undersign! That Platon, creating this dialogue, pursued these aims, appears at least from this that on corresponding explanatory's the most part of this myth is taken away.

But romanticists of the Renaissance used this myth absolutely in other purposes. They began to tell about "unquenchable thirst of love" men to Kiev ladies and Ukraine escort lady Karina to men. That there is at everyone a half and etc. So except a myth belonging to Platon, there was a myth about Platon’s myth. However, to it business has not come to an end. In XX century dashing heads having little education have decided to add to this myth also "a principle space scale and space nonsense I had to hear repeatedly: "the Man and the Kiev lady are two half of single whole which unite the well-known principle".

Principle simultaneously shows both quantum, and wave properties that from the point of view of formal logic is impossible, that is why the Pine forest has simply spat on formal (read — "man’s") logic and has judged according to "to the logician Kiev female": if the such cannot be, means, from a rule there is an exception which is described by a principle

Having divided people half-and-half, Zevs has created homosexuals (man’s half, aspiring to reunite with man’s half), lesbians (female half which want to merge with Ukrainian escort female half) and (man’s and Ukrainian escort female) which were considered as the lowest sexual category.

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So no pathetic, romanticism and "the higher craft" in a myth about Androgine, especially, basically on the full…

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