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Not so long ago in Ukraine in Kiev after the renovation of the famous and really beloved night club «Ganesha» appeared a new institution for entertainment - the club «AM: PM». The change of "image" did not influence much on the content of the club in Kiev. So, going to visit the «AM: PM», you have many chances to get as result into the club you have known or been there before in Ukraine. But the club has no problems with the point that sometimes people compare it with the previous one and is likely to present itself as ex-Ganesha.

Of course, the institution «AM: PM» in Kiev looks totally not like the old club. The interior is greatly changed and in better way. The dance floor has become roomier and brighter. Now it fascinates the visitors with neon squares on the floor, which look really positive and funny and make all the people laugh and bring only positive emotions. The walls are white and they change their color depending on the lighting. If you need a rest you can comfortably sit on the cozy sofas with a plush velvet-upholstered at fashionable tables of the futuristic design. They are made of glass and metal. One more interesting conception of the designer is presented in the interior of the club. It is a bunch of metal balls of the impressive size which are hanging from the ceiling. The interior is really unusual and new for Ukraine but it looks impressive. In the club you can enjoy electro and electro house style of music and enjoy your life.

Next to the club is a computer club and restaurant «PM» (the former "Bunker" where DJs would play until one o'clock on preparty, in accordance with the title), the second part of the same party - afterparty, kicks off this part of the «AM». By the way, now it is possible to move from one room to another without leaving the street - through the inner door. In general, this club in Ukraine has a pretty interesting concept. But you have to visit the institution personally and make your own conclusions.

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