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Some facts about the history of Ukraine

Ukraine is a country which is situated in the eastern part of Europe. It has everything that leisure tourist can not feel sad not for a minute. Different landscape with splendid views, unique architecture, monuments and nature sights give marvelous rest. And of course chic Kiev escorts girls are always glad to bear you a company and show the most beautiful and exiting places of Kiev and other countries. Besides sexuality and charm, Kiev escorts girls possess of knowledge and history of their country, so they can tell a lot of interesting things.

The country is distinguished by brave and bright history. The territory of contemporary territory, where in 700 year B.C. Scythians founded a powerful and extensive empire and Creeks their own numerous colonies, was captured by Sarmatians in 300 year B.C.
In the 3 century they formed prosper empire on the territory from Don to Danube, which was destroyed by Huns. read more →

Where to stay at in Ukraine

European standard of conferment “the stars” to the hotels nowadays operates in Ukraine. But soon it will be changed and maximum approximated to the European standard of Hotels stars Union association. Thus the government of Ukraine takes upon itself the responsibilities for the quality of service. The main towns such as Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv and others possess of luxury comfortable hotels even for the most exacting tourists. In Ukraine the hotel must have no less then ten stars.

There are no so many art-hotels in the country and most of them are situated in Kiev. The apartments are classical furnished rooms, which combine home comfort and hotel service. Art-hotels possess of parking, conference halls and rooms for rest.  24-four lease of flats is the most popular variant of accommodation in the large towns. The flat can be leased on twenty-four-hours and there is also some discount during the resident for more that 10 days.
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Communication in Ukraine

Nowadays a lot of tourists visit Ukraine in order to have a good rest and relax in charming nature, among pleasant people and high service.
Ukraine is a country of rich culture, famous history, exiting places and beautiful women. Escorts girls of Kiev give satisfaction only by their presence. But besides that Kiev escorts girls are also real skilful ladies and give a delight to a man with aid of massage and other erotic endearments.

Coming to Kiev and other towns, it is very important to know some information about means of communication and rules.
Internal discussions are carried out from a pay phone, working on a special magnetic card (sold at newsstands, at the post office, petrol stations, shops, cafes, etc.).In some places, the old pay phones are kept, operating on tokens (coins to 10 cents). Long-distance and international calls are made from the same coin-operated telephones (also on magnetic cards) or telephone booths. read more →

Travelling in Ukraine

Ukraine has a lot of attractions for tourist from all the world. The first is Dnipro and its Kiev hills. Then are the views of Carpathians and small beautiful churches in the towns of those villages. The third is national dances!  The way of dancing and singing in Ukraine is challenge for other countries.  For the unforgettable views the tourists add flowering sunflowers on the fields and traditions of national cuisine. The guests will be surprised by the local coloring.  It is known that Ukraine is also famous by its charming girls. Kiev escorts ladies are know for their beauty and charm. The tourist come to the country in order to delight by the company of elegance and refined Kiev escorts models every year.

There are a lot of questions which are very important for tourists during their staying in the country. One of them is medical care. According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ukraine 17.09.97 № 1021 “About an Improvement of the Procedures for providing medical assistance to foreign citizens, who arrive to temporarily territory of the country”:
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Airlines of Ukraine

Ukraine is a glorious land, always hospitable and cordial. Each part of this immense country is glad to open its charms to the tourists. Last years the rest in Ukraine became more popular and it is not surprise as this country hides a lot of miracles. It seems that there is everything what a traveler needs for active rest.  Besides that, elite escorts girls are always ready to make the vocations unforgettable and show all the most interesting places of the country. Kiev escorts girls are one of the best in Europe and are appreciated for their beauty, charm and manners.

It is very comfortable to get to Ukraine. International Airlines of the country offer high services in passengers and cargo transportations.  It the first airline in CIS, which was registered in IOSA and got international certificate of quality, issued by special program IATA. It is a confirmation of high service, safety and solidity of airline fleet. read more →

Visa in Ukraine

Today the touristic potential of Ukraine is not in doubt in everyone, moreover this country develops this branch very fast. The health resorts of the country opens new mineral sources and builds modern infrastructure. Every year numerous of luxury hotels, tourist routes appears in the country, amusing everyone by high service. It is logically as Euro 2012 will be held just exactly in the towns of Ukraine such as Kiev, Donetsk and Lviv. And of course beautiful escorts girls of Kiev will brighten up the vocations in the country. Besides the football matches and trips, the tourists have a great possibility to spend their time with chic Kiev escorts ladies and make their weekends unforgettable.

It is very important for tourists to know the rules of entry to the country.
The foreigners have the right of entry, exit or transit through the territory of Ukraine through the checkpoints at the state border with a national passport of a citizen and the appropriate visa. Citizens of countries with which the Ukraine signed the international agreements on relative visa-free travel, can enter the court with their valid national passport in case of a properly issued an invitation from. read more →

Traffic roads and safety conditions in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country where the look of connoisseurs of architecture and history can catch of something amazing. The sights of the country are extremely diverse. They also include towns such as Kiev, Lviv and others, castles, churches and cathedrals and even the streets, keeping a romance of medieval Europe. The walls of the castles saw a lot for the centuries and they are ready to share energy   with those people who want to open a screen of history.

Medieval towns of Ukraine abound in monuments, unique architectural ensembles, which absorbed the traditions of very different styles such as Polish, German, Old Russian and others. Escorts girls of Kiev are ready to be your  company during your staying in the country. They are not only beautiful; Kiev escorts girls are smart and possess of history, culture and traditions.
When entering to Ukraine, the tourist must know some important information about traffic safety and road condition. read more →

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