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Communication in Ukraine

Nowadays a lot of tourists visit Ukraine in order to have a good rest and relax in charming nature, among pleasant people and high service.
Ukraine is a country of rich culture, famous history, exiting places and beautiful women. Escorts girls of Kiev give satisfaction only by their presence. But besides that Kiev escorts girls are also real skilful ladies and give a delight to a man with aid of massage and other erotic endearments.

Coming to Kiev and other towns, it is very important to know some information about means of communication and rules.
Internal discussions are carried out from a pay phone, working on a special magnetic card (sold at newsstands, at the post office, petrol stations, shops, cafes, etc.).In some places, the old pay phones are kept, operating on tokens (coins to 10 cents). Long-distance and international calls are made from the same coin-operated telephones (also on magnetic cards) or telephone booths.
The main feature of mobile communications in Ukraine, it is, perhaps, the presence of national operators, is those that provide connectivity virtually nationwide.
All in all, the country has 6 mobile cellular:
MTS-Ukraine (national carrier) – GSM 900, GSM 1800, NMT 450i
KyivStar GSM (national carrier) – GSM 900, GSM 1800
Life:) (DCC-Astelit) – GSM, D-AMPS 800
Golden Telecom GSM – GSM 1800 Beeline (WellCOM) – GSM 900
Jeans – GSM 900, GSM 1800
GUDLAJN – Ukraine’s first telecommunications company providing services to mobile users roaming abroad cheaper.

Connect to the operators in several ways:
At a contract – with a monthly fee, great service and lower fares. Usually, one needs to start and advance to have a passport;
At prepaid (card) – no monthly fee, with limited access and high tariffs. For connection you need to buy a starter pack. A passport is not needed;
Corporate is a special kind of contract subscription, which provides, generally, lower prices for communications than the usual contract connection.
All incoming calls are free. At present, the country has 43,038,756 mobile subscribers connected to 96 packets, not counting the shares.

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