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Nature and climate Of Ukraine

Natural rich of Ukraine give the widest opportunities for developing of sport tourism and active kinds of rest such as equestrian trip on mountain mass of Crimea, cycle routes in Carpathians, river rafting, unforgettable feelings from underground walking in the large world caves and even simple supply of energy from pedestrian tour in a forest massif.

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Beautiful mature and comfortable climate of Ukraine give possibility for inexpensive and qualitative active rest in any time of year.
Most part of the country is covered by lowlands and separate hilly uplands. The mountains situate on the west (Carpathians) and south (Crimean).Ukraine possesses of marvelous nature. There are splendid forests, mountains and sea. It is rich in flora and fauna. There are a lot of interesting and incredible places in Ukraine, which attracts attention of people. Among them there are Dnipro, it is one of the biggest rivers in Europe and at the same time the largest river in the country. The lake Svitiaz, or as it called Ukrainian Baikal, has a very unique shape. From the height of bird flay it looks like a big mammoth, who retires. Black Sea is the biggest sea which washes the shores of the country. Uchansu is the biggest waterfall in Crimea. It is very beautiful and full of nature energy. Hoverla is the highest mountain top. There are a lot of legends about this place. A plant with unusual properties grows on the territory of Ternopil, Khmelnitsky and Vinnitsa region. When it burn, it blazes with blue flame, and at the same time remains intact.

The most territory of Ukraine has continental climate with seasons, only on the south shore of Crimea the climate changes on subtropical one.
In northern part the average temperature of January as the coldest month, is -7 degrees and it increases in the central regions to 5.  In the Crimea the temperature ranges from -0.5 to 4. The average night temperature in winter, from north to south changes from -9 to 1, the average daily temperature is from -3 to 6. Summer in Ukraine is really warm and even hot, with average July temperature 18:20 ° C, and in the Crimea to 22 degrees and even higher.

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