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Embassies of Ukraine

Ukraine is an original country, known for its national traditions, architecture and culture.  Two mountain masses Crimea and Carpathians are situated on the territory of Ukraine. Crimea is famous thanks to its beautiful nature and it is associated with summer rest on Black Sea in such health resorts as Yalta, Feodosia and others.  Carpathians receive the guests the whole year round.

Its towns with their old castles, beautiful churches, wonderful historic places, monuments attract the tourists from all the world.  An incredible number of nature are exactly in Ukraine. Every year a great mass of people visit the country and each of them can tell what special he finds here for himself. You will never forget about its beauty. And if you want to have unforgettable vocations escorts ladies are ready to bear you a company. Escorts service presents the most beautiful, smart and fashionable girls for accompanying you during your vocation in Ukraine. read more →

Nature and climate Of Ukraine

Natural rich of Ukraine give the widest opportunities for developing of sport tourism and active kinds of rest such as equestrian trip on mountain mass of Crimea, cycle routes in Carpathians, river rafting, unforgettable feelings from underground walking in the large world caves and even simple supply of energy from pedestrian tour in a forest massif.

The lovers of active rest will appreciate a company of beautiful Kiev escorts ladies. If you want to forget about daily problems, feel care and temptation that Kiev escorts girls are just exactly what you need.
Beautiful mature and comfortable climate of Ukraine give possibility for inexpensive and qualitative active rest in any time of year.
Most part of the country is covered by lowlands and separate hilly uplands. The mountains situate on the west (Carpathians) and south (Crimean).Ukraine possesses of marvelous nature. There are splendid forests, mountains and sea. read more →

The weather of Ukraine

Ukraine applies to such number of world countries, where there are sources of health practically in each region. A great mass of medicinal springs of water and mud is scattered on the territory of Ukraine. Today the tourists from all the world come to the country’s health resorts in order to improve their health and gather strength. Of course Ukraine attracts not only by the resorts, but also by its culture, hospitality, majestic capital Kiev and beautiful women. It is known that Ukrainian beauty is inimitable. Escorts service is widely developed in Kiev and other countries and it is logical according to the tempo of modern life. Beautiful Kiev escorts ladies really know their trade.

Divine nature and comfortable weather allow in any time of the year spend great vocations in Ukraine. The climate of the country is mainly moderately continental, just only on the south of Crimea it has the signs of subtropical.
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Holidays in Ukraine

Open for yourself Ukraine and you will like its beauty once and for all. When someone speaks about the rest in Ukraine, first of all he means the rest in Crimea, Odessa, Kiev and other places. As Crimea is one of the most famous health resorts and cultural centres of Eastern Europe. Ukraine with its rich culture, customs and history is an exotic country for foreigners. People come here in order to see beautiful architecture, get know about Slavic traditions and meet the most charming girls. As our Kiev escorts girls are the most elegance and fascinating in the world.

Coming to the country, the guest have a great opportunity to rest in a company of chic Kiev escorts ladies. It is very important to know that Ukrainian people honor their customs and are glad to show them to the world. During the year Ukrainians do not tired again and again celebrate the most important holidays such as New Year, Christmas, and Easter. read more →

Ukraine Transportation Guide

Ukraine is one of the largest European states, situated in the very centre of the continent. It is an amazing, beautiful country, which is generously gifted by nature and history. Each part of the country is unique by itself. The rest in Ukraine suits to any taste of the gourmets of tourism and lovers of diverse rest. The most exiting sights, historical places, different entertainments and charming Kiev escorts girls are waiting for their guests. Escorts models can be also the guides and show the charming places of Kiev and other towns.

Coming to Ukraine it is very important to know about the transport. Speaking about railway, it must be noted that it is developed very well. A railway network enveloped practically the whole country. The tickets are bought in special agencies and on the stations. Lately the ticket office’s net of better service for passengers got a high development. read more →

Information about Ukraine

Ukraine is an interesting country, at the same time old and young. The state offers the rest to any taste. A plenty of historical sights, diverse nature, comfortable climate, warm sea and absence of language barrier attracts a lot of tourist every year. And charming Kiev escorts ladies make this rest more interesting and exiting. As every man wishes to be in a company of the most beautiful escorts models of Kiev who give pleasure and only positive feelings.
Ukraine is a state, situated in Eastern Europe. The state is borders with Byelorussia on the north, with Russia on the north and east, with Poland and Slovakia on the west and with Hungary, Rumania and Moldova on the southwest.

The state is washed by Black and Azov Sea on the south.
The territory of the state is 603,7 sq. km. General number of population is about 50 millions of people in large cities. An ethnic structure of the country is presented by such nationalities as Ukrainians (80%) and other such as Russians, Byelorussians, Jews, Crimean Tatars, Poles, Romanians, Germans and other one. read more →

Facts about Ukraine

Ukraine is a government in Eastern Europe, bordering with Russia on the east and north, with Belarus on the northwest, with Moldova on the southwest and with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Rumania on the west. The country is washed by Black sea on the south and Azov Sea on the southwest.
Most territory of the state is plain, only famous Carpathians rises on the west of the country and Crimea hills on the Crimea peninsular.
The state symbols of Ukraine, according to its constitution, are Government Flag, Coat of Arms and Hymn. The trident isa small coat of arms” - the main element of the large coat of arms, which is a gold trident on a blue shield. The State Anthem of the state is adapted fragment of poem by Pavel Chubinsky to the music of Michael Verbitsky.

A head of the state is a president. The territory of the state is divided on 27 main administrative units among them there are 24 regions, Autonomous Republic Crimea and two towns of central subjection Kiev and Sevastopol. read more →

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