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Some facts about the history of Ukraine

Ukraine is a country which is situated in the eastern part of Europe. It has everything that leisure tourist can not feel sad not for a minute. Different landscape with splendid views, unique architecture, monuments and nature sights give marvelous rest. And of course chic Kiev escorts girls are always glad to bear you a company and show the most beautiful and exiting places of Kiev and other countries. Besides sexuality and charm, Kiev escorts girls possess of knowledge and history of their country, so they can tell a lot of interesting things.

The country is distinguished by brave and bright history. The territory of contemporary territory, where in 700 year B.C. Scythians founded a powerful and extensive empire and Creeks their own numerous colonies, was captured by Sarmatians in 300 year B.C.
In the 3 century they formed prosper empire on the territory from Don to Danube, which was destroyed by Huns. Huns were replaced by the tribes of eastern Slavs and Khazars. Varangian prince Oleg founded Kiev Principality which became the first Russian state and heart of future Ukraine. Slavic land endured a lot of fights and enemies in order to get its independence.

In March 1918 the territory of Ukraine was occupied by German troops, which were here until December 1918. In 1921 all western lands were taken by Poland and a Soviet Ukraine became a member of Soviet Union.  Occupied by Germany during the Second World War, its territory was liberated by Soviet troops in 1944.
After acquisition of independence in 1991, Ukraine took the road of economic reforms and integration of European community.

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