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The weather of Ukraine

Ukraine applies to such number of world countries, where there are sources of health practically in each region. A great mass of medicinal springs of water and mud is scattered on the territory of Ukraine. Today the tourists from all the world come to the country’s health resorts in order to improve their health and gather strength. Of course Ukraine attracts not only by the resorts, but also by its culture, hospitality, majestic capital Kiev and beautiful women. It is known that Ukrainian beauty is inimitable. Escorts service is widely developed in Kiev and other countries and it is logical according to the tempo of modern life. Beautiful Kiev escorts ladies really know their trade.

Divine nature and comfortable weather allow in any time of the year spend great vocations in Ukraine. The climate of the country is mainly moderately continental, just only on the south of Crimea it has the signs of subtropical.
Climate of the country is characterized by frequent change of weather; it is connected with arrival of cyclones and anticyclones. At the same time warm days with bright and sunny weather predominate; its average is about 230-235 a year.  The average monthlytemperature in January is -8 ° C in the north-east of Ukraine and the Carpathian highlands - to +4 ° C on the southern coast of Crimea, in July - from +17 ° C in the north-west and 9 ° C in the highlands of Carpathians to + 23 ° C in the extreme south The frost-free period ranges from 150-160 days in the north to 200-210 days in the south and 270 days on the Southern coast of Crimea.

Winds change from season to season: winter in the northern half of the country is dominated by westerly winds which bring moisture to the south - the north and east of the dry and cold.  Summer is characterised mostly by the north-west winds. Rainfalls are unevenly distributed, and their annual amount is reduced to the west and north-west to south and south-east.

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