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Bridges of Kiev

What do you know about the bridges of Kiev? How many of them there are in the city? You may learn a lot of interesting about these beautiful architectural constructionsif you take a tour to this city and hire tour guides or escorts. Escorts speak different languages, so all misunderstandings will be excluded.

Nowadays there are more than 70 bridges in the capital of Ukraine! All of them are across the Dnieper River. Some of them had been constructedlong ago, others are being constructed nowadays.

The most popular bridges are The Rusanovka Bridges, that were built in the 1960s over the Rusanovka Canal. There total number of them is 5, 2 of them are pedestrian. The Rusanovka bridges are extremely popular among fishermen. Since late 1990s there was observed a non-stop growth of traffic in the capital of Ukraine, so the city desperately needed more bridges to avoid traffic jams around and onthe existing ones.That"s why today you can see the 2 new bridges that are being in construction to solve the traffic problem. 

Such bridges as Moskovskyi Bridge, Podolskyi Railroad Bridge, Pivdennyi Bridge, Harbour Bridge and Park Pedestrian Bridge are also well-known. While going on a tour to Kiev it"s impossible to avoid riding through any of the city"s bridges that offer to enjoy marvelous views of the river and the city. 

The most popular bridge among romantics is Park Pedestrian Bridge, which was built in 1957. The bridge is 400 meters long and 7 meters wide. This bridge is a real decoration of the landscape, that"s why is was called the bridge of lovers or kissing bridge –young couples and newlyweds hang on the railing of the bridge their locks, close them and throwthe keysout –then the marriage is believed to be long-lasting and strong. If you happen to be on a tour to Kiev and you want to see this bridge, then you may hire escorts to show you the way and tell you the romantic stories about this construction.

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