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Jewish Kiev – Important Part of History

The history of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, though many other European cities, is connected with the history of numerous ethnical communities. Among them the biggest one is Jewish community which has left a bright pace in the history and also culture of Kiev. There were many synagogues, schools and institutes in this city.

 Here have lived and worked so many outstanding and famous Jewish scientists, doctors, merchants, engineers and manufacturers. To name only few of them: Illia Erenburg, Mandelshtam, Isaak Babel, Golda Meir and others. If to translate the word “synagogue” from Jewish it will mean the house of meetings. There are many touristic companies which offer a tour on Jewish Kiev. You can choose the right tour for you with one of such companies or you can also make a tour on your own.

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 One of the most recommended places to visit during your tour is synagogue on the corner of the street of Shota Rustaveli and Rognedinskaya street which was built in 1898. All the costs connected with the building process were covered by the famous millionaire and philanthropist Lazar Brodskiy who was also known as the “sugar king”. But this synagogue was forfeited in 1926 by the Soviet authorities. During those times it was used as the club of artisans, the stable for horses and toy theatre. And only in 1997 it was given back to the Jewish community.

 There is one more famous place which you should visit during your tour – Babiy Yar, which is so sadly known and that is located in the north-west part of the city, between two areas – Syrets and Lukyanovka. Many tourists from all over the world come here to pay their honor to the memory of the people killed here. And many famous people also make a tour here during their visit to the capital of Ukraine. Babiy Yar has become very famous as a place of massive executions of civil inhabitants, mainly Jewish, Gipsy and Soviet war prisoners in 1941. These days there are several monuments and memorial complexes devoted to Holocaust.

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