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Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra

Without any doubts, it could be said that Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra which has the second name Kiev Monastery of the Caves, is one of the most splendid and magnificent sights and the true pride of the heart of Ukraine.   

The cave monastery was found in 1015.  Nowadays it is possible to only to look at this monastery as at a cultural object, but also come inside and see how it works. If you are accompanied by escorts or a private tour guide, they may tell you that in 2007 the internet community and experts voted for giving the Lavra the title of one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. It" definitely, deserves such title.

A tour to Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra would be a great event for you, no matter if you visit it alone or with escorts. Single travelers may be fascinated by beautiful views of Lavra, especially its Great Bell tower, Church of the Saviour at Berestov, Church of the Trinity, and take wonderful shots. Those who come with escorts have an opportunity to look deeper – to learn more about the history and destiny of this place.

A tour to Lavra holds for you some discoveries.  For example, there are a lot of burials in Lavra. Such famous people like Ilya Muromets, Nestor the Chronicler, Konstanty Ostrogski, Pyotr Stolypin and others are buried right in this place in Kiev.

Going on a tour to Lavra also means going on a tour to museum, because here (in churches) you can see numerous relics of the past, church hierarchy photographs, various metal articles, textiles and so on. A true adventure would be visiting ofcatacombs, where you can see relics and remains of Orthodox saints.

All in all, it is clear, that once you are in Kiev, you must visit the Lavra – the “calling card” of the city. You won"t be bored by dry facts, vice уversa, you"ll be impressed and taken aback by the wonders this place holds for you.

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