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Mystical Kiev

This tour gives you an opportunity to investigate mystical sides of Kiev. Being a huge European capital, the city preserves a lot of secrets and mysteries attracting and scaring people till nowadays.

Famous writers and poets, such as Pushkin, Gogol and Bulgakov described Kiev from its mystic aspects. There are many places indicating the presence of the so-called devilry. One of such sites is the place called "Kiev Pompeii". Mystical history of this area took its roots on the 13th of March 1961, when avalanche of mud being injected into the "Babiy Yar (Ravine)" broke through the dike and covered the village of Kurenivka with a 2 metres’ layer of mud and clay. According to official data, 145 people died due to the tragedy. What is the mystics? Well, the thing is "Babiy Ravine" was the place where victims of fascists were buried. And Soviet leaders decided to fill the area with mud and clay masses and erect buildings on it instead of leaving the place a historical memorial. So, people said the tragedy was a revenge of the victims of the "Babiy Ravine".

Another mysterious place in Kiev is the Lysaya (Bold) Mountain. It is not very high, but has got a lot of secrets and mystics around it. Some say witches gather for their Sabbaths here (such information also was given by M. Bulgakov in his work "Master and Margarita"). People say they feel somebody following them behind when walking along the paths of the hill.

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