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Ride on River-Boat on Dnepr

Once you go on a tour to Kiev, don"t miss the opportunity to ride on river-boat on Dnepr. This kind of entertainment is the ideal option for those who want to be close to water and seeks for romantic atmosphere. Marvelous views of the city will open to you from the middle of a wide river, note, the third longest in Europe.

Of course, if you go on a tour to Kiev alone, then you may find such a cruise a bit boring. We may hint you that if you invite escorts to accompany you in such mini-voyage, you won"t regret. With their help you can learn a lot of interesting about the capital of Ukraine, about its citizens, traditions, humor and so on.

During your trip you"ll be fascinated of numerous golden domes of the churches which glow beautifully when the sun reflects in them. You will also see numerous and note - the greatest- city"s sights such as Kiev-PecherskLavra, River Fort Terminal, Mariinsky Park, Arch of Friendship, Magdeburg Rights Column. The capital of Ukraine is also famous with its beautiful bridges. Going on a tour on river-boat on Dnepr you"ll be able to see some of them, for example, Moscow Bridge, Darnitskiy Bridge, Metro Bridge. Of course, each of them has its history and there are some interesting facts concerning the construction and usage of these bridges. If you wish, you may ask your escorts and they will tell you interesting stories (romantic, tragic and funny) about these architectural constructions.

Your tour on Dnepr may also include riding near Hydropark, Trukhanow Island and the statue of Soviet Motherland. All these picturesque sights cannot but impress you with their beauty.

Such a tour that may last as long as you wish is the best way to explore Kiev and take great pictures of this city. We only want to advise you: if you decide to do it in the evening, take some warm clothes with you and think about inviting escorts.

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