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St. Sophia Cathedral

To visit Saint Sophia Cathedral which is located in Kiev, it would be a nice idea to hire escorts or tour guides who know a lot of interesting about this magnificent landmark of the capital of Ukraine. This marvelous place which is inscribed on the World Heritage List, has a very long history full of legends, miracles and mysteries.

Ask your escorts – and they will tell you that the name of this great landmark came from ancient Constantinople where the Hagia Sophia had been built. According to the legend the ruler of KievanRus Prince Vladimir ordered his people to visit different countries of the world in order to find the most impressive faith. Emissaries that returned from Constantinople seemedto be the most impressed, they told Vladimir about unbelievably beautiful Hagia Sophia cathedral. The Prince liked that story and decided to build not less beautiful Sofia in Kiev. The construction started in 1037 (or 1011), but it was completed only in 2 decades. Actually, that was the period of rule of  Yaroslav the Wise, the son of Vladimir.

While on a tour to St. Sophie"s Cathedral, you may learn a lot of interesting and sometimes surprising facts about the architecture ofthis beautiful building. Despite the design is considered to belong to Byzantine style, 13 cupolas is not typical for it, which makes the cathedral unique.

Your tour guide may also tell you that the Cathedral was earlier used as a burial place for rulers of Kiev. Unfortunately, nowadays you escorts may show you only the grave of Yaroslav I the Wise, and the graves of Vladimir Monomakh andVsevolodYaroslavich haven"t survived to present times.

If you are fond of religion, history and ancient architecture, then St. Sophie Cathedral should be a number one “must-see” in your list! Just go on a tour to this holy place and you"ll be fascinated.

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