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Stalin Tunnels – Are There Any Ghosts of Soviet Epoch?

 Kiev is very interesting city, it has amazing historical heritage of different epochs. If you want a tour which will tell you something about Soviet epoch, then you definitely should book a tour to see Stalin tunnels. Many tourists make a tour here during their visit to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, among them there are many famous people who want to get closer to that unique epoch.

 Stalin tunnels is the most unbelievable tour which will lead you to the secret object №1 – two railway tunnels under Dnepr which have started to be built due to the instructions and will of Stalin. Usually such a tour will last around 4 hours. Extra secret and scale building of tunnels that had to serve military aims has started in 1929. It was planned to finish such a process in 12 years, but life has changed it…

 These underwater tunnels have started to be build before the war, but they haven"t succeeded to finish them before the occupation of Kiev. According to historical data these Stalin tunnels had to start somewhere on the Zhukov"s island and finish on the left bank of the river. The main aim of Stalin tunnels had to be the underwater movement of trains during the war. This is the opinion of experts who are interested in this immense Stalin"s project.

 It was planned to build 2 concrete tunnels under Dnepr – two peculiar duplicates of Podolskiy and Darnitskiy bridges. This fact is the only one which is not disputed. Many people ask themselves are there any ghosts of totalitarianism epoch which can be seen there? It is better to see it with your own eyes! There is a well-known legend that there are long kilometers of concrete tubes laying under Dnepr where the armored train is hidden. There are many theories why exactly the process of building of Stalin tunnels was not finished. Here there are many interesting details for you to see! You will definitely not regret that you have risked to see Stalin tunnels!

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