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The City of Yaroslav the Wise

If you are offered to go on a tour to the City of Yaroslav the Wise – don"t even try to find it on a map, as there is no such city. Actually, we speak about the second name of Kiev – the capital of Ukraine. It got such (second) name because Yaroslav the Wise contributed a lot into foundation of Kiev, he even managed to make it the center of law and academic learning.

It is better to explore the city of Yaroslav the Wise with escorts or tour guides as there are a lot of interesting facts, myths and legends about the legacy left by such a prominent historical figure as Grand Prince of Kievan Rus, but you won"t be able to learn them if you are travelling on your own. Escorts and guides will not only tell you these stories but also show you the monuments and magnificent architectural constructions build during the reign of Prince Yaroslav - for example, St. Sophia Cathedral and Golden Gate.

Of course, if you want to see what the founder of the city had looked like, you may ask your escorts or tour guide to show you the monument of Yaroslav the Wise with a model of St.Sophia Cathedral in his hand, which is situated near the Zolotye Vorota metro station.

As it was mentioned above, Yaroslav the Wise contributed a lot into the foundation of Kiev. The period of his reign is called a golden age, as at this time the city flourished. Prince Yaroslav the Wise was very much into Christianity and legislation. The Russian Truth – the ancient law codex was created during his reign. You will know about these and many other facts which influenced the history of Kievan Rus if you decide to go on a tour to the capital of Ukraine.

You can be sure that such a tour will be an unforgettable experience, especially for those who consider themselves history fans. So if you are ready for a short dive into the history of Ukraine – then just visit its capital.

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