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Welcome to the House with Chimeras

Too many tourists decide take a tour to Kiev to see the House with Chimers. But what is it? Actually, it is a brick building in modern style that is located in the capital of Ukraine. If you want to find out why this building has such name, you may hire a tour guide or a pair of beautiful escorts to show you the way to this mysterious place and tell you its secrets.

Still, it is not difficult to guess that the House with Chimers was called by the sculptural decorations in it. The theme of these sculptural decorations is land and underwater wildlife. Nowadays the house is used as the residence of the President.

Vladislav Gorodetsky put up this house designed in the shape of a cubein 1901-1903. On the walls of the house there are concrete heads of giraffes, rhinos, crocodiles, lions, antelopes, etc. Nowadays there exist a lot of legends about this house. Of course, escorts and tour guides can tell you most of them.

One of the most ominous legends tells about the reason for building this house. According to the story, it was planned to build this house after the death of architect"s daughter. According to rumors, she drowned in Dnepr or committed suicide because of unrequited love. The legend says that the architect went crazy after it and decided to decorate the house too unusual – Dnepr inhabitants became main decoration. There were different fishes and weird maidens on the walls. Of course, it is just a legend – one out of numerous legends about the house.

Nowadays the House with Chimeras is a very popular sight in Kiev:a lot of those who come on a tour to Kiev want to visit this unusual place with unusual history.Unfortunately, excursions are not allowed to be held in, because this house is a residence of President. But still, your private tour guide can show this building to you and let you know something interesting about it. Escorts can also be hired for such a purpose.

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