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Kiev girls-on-girl appointments were not common, but when they came up Vera tried to grab them. She was a sexy young beautiful Kiev girl, twenty one years old, with a tight and sexy figure. Just five foot two high, she made up for what she lacked in height by having a fantastic 35dd chest which she showed at every possible opportunity to excite clients, both male and female. This one of the horny young escort Kiev girls was even more ravenously bisexual than most. So when the boss of her escort agency had called to ask her if she wanted to have a sexy bisexual booking for a female client she was very glad and it was her chance.

The horny bisexual in call meeting was to hold at Vera's flat on Ribalskaya str. As it was ordered, she was dressed in just sexy pyjamas when the buzzer rang. The horny young escort girl virtually faster ran to the door and flung it open. Outside one of the cutest Kiev girls was waiting for her, it was the girl she'd ever seen - Katya was slim, wearing tight blue jeans and a cute, fitted t shirt that showed off her small but perfect and strong chest. She had perfect blonde hair which was cut to neck length so that it framed her sexy, finely drawn face. Above all, she looked worried. Apparently, the escort agency had told Vera, this wasn't only Katya's first experience with a horny Kiev escort girl; it was to be her first bisexual experience at all. Sensing that the ice was going to be broken right away, Vera leant over and gave her sexy young client a kiss full on her sexy lips.

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Vera bent quite a long way, so that Katya would be able to see down her pyjama top and get a brief, tantalising glimpse of the sexy erotic massage girl's lovely large, creamy breasts. Then, taking her client by the hand she went with her to her in call flat and right to the bedroom. Those two girls didn't bother with any preliminaries, but fell on the bed and began kissing quickly and with passion. Vera could notice that moment that Marie was breathing hard that her sexy client was hungry for bisexual experience and very wanted to get it.

Within moments of landing on the bed the horny young brunette escort felt Katy's small, near hands begin to worm their way inside her pyjamas, first running all over her large heavy breasts, touching the nipples, then, hesitantly at first, but with growing confidence, going down between her legs, being more excited and confident with every second, Katya used her hand and fingers to examine the sexy call girl's pussy - which, although not bald, was shaved very close. After a few seconds Katya even brought a finger into the tight, wet crack of the escort girl's pussy, as if testing to Know just how wet she was.


The answer was 'very' - horny young Vera liked this sort of bisexual fun, and this was shaping up to be one of the very best in call meetings her high class Kiev escort agency had ever given her. After a few moments of being happy with the slender fingers inside her, Vera remembered what her job was and began to take charge once again. Carefully, she took off Katya's jeans and pulled them off, taking the baby red panties that had been underneath away too. She was very satisfied to see that Katya's pussy was totally shaved, and made a mental note to get down there and have a taste of it as soon as she could.

But first the sexy young escort girl had to do her bisexual client absolutely naked. She pulled the tight t shirt over Katya's head, and virtually tore off the young bisexual girl's bra. Finally, both escorts were totally naked, and they began to kiss and cuddle even harder than before, feeling the warm softness of each other's bodies pressing against each other as they loved each other passionately. After a few moments, Katya broke off and reach for her hand back.

From it, she pulled two items - a can of whipped cream and a small punned of cherries. She looked, worry and questioningly, at the experienced bisexual escort. Vera immediately understood what her sexy and horny young blonde client wanted to get. She took the cream and cherries, and told Katya to lie flat on her back on the bed, with her slim and sexy legs spread wide. Vera admired the horny young cute girl's pussy as its wet crack pouted at her. Taking the top off the can of cream, she shaked it in a good way.

Then, taking care to be close, the sexy and horny young Kiev bisexual escort sprayed three dollops of cream on to her client's slim and sexy young figure: a little bit on each nipple, and one between her legs, right over the narrow entrance of her wet pussy and her strong clit. Taking three cherries, she put one above each nipple and stuck one on the cream between Katya's legs, exactly above her strong clit. Then she started licking. First she went for the horny young bisexual girl's breasts - running her tongue around the soft flesh at the side of each one, then licking away the cream little by little, letting her tongue did all possible to make contact with the nipple.

As she got to the end of each dollop, she had the cherry between her teeth, and rubbed it around and around her horny strong bisexual client's breast flesh. Katya began to groan. But Vera had barely started - diving down between Katya's legs, the horny and sexy young bisexual escort began to lick away the cream on the young wet lesbian's pussy, gently lapping at it so that her tongue took in some pussy liquid at the same time as the cream, the two flavours mixing deliciously in the sexy Kiev call girl's mouth.

Soon, only the cherry was on the plate. Carefully, Vera picked it off with her fingers, and licked away the cream underneath, revealing the small button of Katya's clit. By now, Katya was groaning and arching her back. She knew it needed only one more think - bending her head down, she kissed the horny young beautiful bisexual girl's clit. Katya shouted out her orgasm, rubbing her own breasts as she came.

When the sexy young blonde had settled down, the horny call girl slid back up her body and put the cherry softly between her lips.

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