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10 Hottest Kisses and all about sex

Would you like to drive your man mad about you? This time there won’t be any sex techniques and new positions. This time we are going to discuss kisses! Let’s find the most passionate of them.

  • Men love to see and to watch, but they love to hear as well. Don’t keep silence kissing your man. Try to moan with pleasure; you’ll see how it turns him on.
  • To drive him crazy, give a kiss with dry lips. Touch his forehead, cheekbones and temples; you’ll make him tickle inside.
  • Kissing your man gently pull his lower lip with your lips. You can also touch his roof of mouth, this place is very sensitive. Some ladies from Kiev agencies use this trick to turn men on.
  • “Contrastive kiss” can be nice especially when your man’s eyes are closed. Take a glass of cold water and a cup of hot tea or coffee. Take a gulp of hot drink and kiss your man’s wrist. After a couple of hot kisses give him a cold one. This technique will impress him!
  • The Kiev escort I know offers some places of a man’s body to be kissed. His ears are his erogenous zone. Touching, kissing, and pulling the ear lobe – all these actions will arise the man’s sexual wish.
  • Kissing his neck you’ll display your explicit passionate desire. You are also recommended to bite him slightly.
  • Your man’s nipples are very sensitive. You may fondle them with the tip or with the whole tongue. The Kiev girl I told you before likes to interchange these actions.
  • If you think that kissing his fingers doesn’t impress him, you are absolutely wrong. Touch his finger with a tip of your tongue, move it slowly; you’ll make your man tremble.
  • Don’t forget to caress his belly. There is the hottest place between the belly button and genitals. Kissing this place will make him fly high. The experienced Kiev escort’s advice is not to hurry up to go down, devote some time to this place and you’ll feel his respond really soon. Make massage with your tongue. Ask him to lie down and cover his spinal column with kisses; your man will appreciate it!
  • And, of course, his legs. My friend who used to work as a Kiev escort shared this secret with me. Kissing the skin between man’s knees and hips you’ll excite him quickly. Hunker down in front of him and start kissing his legs moving up. There are lots of nerve-endings which will bring the passion to the whole body. 

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