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Taoist Massage for His Pleasure Part 1

You’d like to afford pleasure to your man and surprise him, but all sexual techniques have already been used. What should you do in this case? The answer is massage! The intimate one will please and indulge your partner.
For thousands of years the ancient Chinese used the knowledge about the human body. Influencing different parts of the system Taoist wise men learnt to manage the energy of the body, its organs’ health and general well-being.

It is known that the most sensitive reflexogenic areas are located on the genitals. According to the traditional Chinese medicine these parts are responsible for different organs and their state. For instance, the head of the penis contains areas influencing the person’s heart, lungs and prostate gland. Different areas of the man’s organ reflex the state of stomach, liver, intestinal tract, kidneys and urinary bladder. The points on testis are responsible for glands.

Life energy circulates around the whole body influencing all the organs and their state. Sexual energy is considered to be a part of it. That’s why the man’s sexual health is so important; it influences his mental, emotional and physical state.
Taoist sexologists were pretty sure that during a sexual act both partners’ centers joint together exchanging their energy with a variety of bright feelings and emotions. For any Kiev escort her partner’s pleasure is prior. According to Taoist medicine sexual activity is a real cure for different diseases. Doctors prescribed their patients definite positions to stimulate those reflexogenic areas to influence different organs.

Every Kiev escort knows how important it is to use the whole length of man’s penis and his testis for the fullest pleasure. Taoist doctors believed that general stimulation of the man’s genitals was important to activate all his organs and his inner strength to achieve harmony. If the man uses only the head of his penis, he stimulates his lungs and heart; his other organs remain unengaged which may lead to imbalances in the system. For a Kiev escort using different techniques and positions is the recipe for success in reaching her man’s highest satisfaction. So, the first piece of advice about intimate massage is to use all the parts of his genitals for brighter emotions, healthier general state and fuller harmony!

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