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Taoist Massage for His Pleasure Part 2

Knowing the anatomy of your man’s body and understanding the energetic processes in it helps to achieve harmony in relations. The massage we are going to talk about was used by ancient Chinese goddesses of love. It helped to reveal and to increase man’s power and in this way to hold sway over men. Even if the last point is doubtful, your man will get the highest satisfaction from this kind of massage.

It can be especially beneficial in the morning or during the period of the highest activity of the man’s urogenital system (from 3 to 7 p.m.). As the procedure is rather pleasant, try not to lead him to ejaculation during the massage session. It is recommended to make love in 15-20 minutes afterwards with the further orgasm.

  • Start with his footsteps. Any Ukraine escort knows how pleasant it is for a man. Such massage stimulates his sexual center and arouses his desire. On the other hand, this is the best way to make your man feel relaxed. Start with his toes and go further caressing his ankles, knees and hips.
  • Go on massaging his testes in circular motions. Thus, you’ll stimulate his testosterone elaboration in the body. This hormone is in charge of man’s potency. But be very careful! Every Ukraine escort knows how sensitive this part is; press it very gently paying attention to the partner’s feelings and reaction.
  • After that you can massage the head of the penis pressing it gently between two fingertips. Caress it with spiral movements in different directions up to 36 times.
  • As there are lots of reflexogenic areas on your partner’s penis, it is important to knead the whole surface of it. With both hands caress it in different directions.
  • In the end find the place between the prostate and the anus. Press it gently and massage with spiral movements in different directions up to 36 times. Pressing this point before the ejaculation enlarges the time of the sexual activity. This trick is frequently used by ladies working in Ukraine escort agencies to extend the man’s pleasure during the sexual transaction.

This Taoist massage will help your man to reveal his sexual energy to stay active and healthy; it will enlarge the borders of your sexual sphere and add harmony to your partner’s life according to the ancient Chinese study.

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